We offer a large selection of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and superfoods from our organic, kosher and third-party tested facilities.

ALMONDS | organic
Nonpareil Supreme Almonds
Carmel Type Almonds Sup
Carmel Type Almonds SSR
Cal Almonds SSR
Natural Almond Pieces
Selected Valencia Almonds Unsized
Selected Valencia Almonds 12/14
Selected Valencia Almonds 14+
Selected Guara Sweet Almonds 12/14
Selected Guara Sweet Almonds 14+
Marcona Almonds 12+
Natural Almond Pieces
Blanched Almond Pieces
Natural Diced Almonds
Natural Almond Slices
Natural Almond Meal
Blanched Almond Meal
Natural Almonds Unsized
Natural Almonds Sized
Tuono Sweet Almonds
Roasted Almonds
Blanched Almonds

NUTS | organic
Cashews, W240
Cashews, W320
Cashews, W450
Cashews, LP
Cashews, SP
Cashews, FS
Pecan Halves
Walnuts, light halves 20%
Walnuts, light halves 20%
Hazelnuts, 11-13mm
Hazelnuts, 13-15mm
Hazelnuts, roasted
Macadamia Nuts
Brazil Nuts
Roasted Pistachios, salted
Pistachio Kernels
Pine Nut Kernels
Tigernuts, 9/12

NUT PASTES | organic
Sicilian Almond Milk Paste
Natural Almond Paste
Roasted Almond Paste
Roasted & Blanched Almond Paste
Hazelnut Paste
Hazelnut Chocolate Paste
Pistachio Paste

NUTS | pesticide-free
Selected Valencia Almonds Unsized
Selected Valencia Almonds 12/14
Selected Guara Almonds 12/14
Natural Almond Meal
Blanched Almond Meal

SEEDS & GRAINS | organic
Black Chia Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Pumpkin Seed Kernels, shineskin AA
Sunflower Seed Kernels, confectionary
Flax Seeds
Sesame Seeds
White Quinoa
Red Quinoa
Tri-Color Quinoa
Canihua Grains
Buckwheat, hulled

DRIED FRUIT | organic
Medjool Dates
Deglet Noor Dates
Date Paste
Plums, pitted
Turkish Figs
Goji Berries
Banana, slices
Thompson Seedless Raisins
Raisins Jumbo
Sun Muscat Raisins
Diamond Muscat

SUPERFOODS | organic
Raw Cacao Powder
Raw Cacao Beans
Raw Cacao Nibs
Raw Cacao Paste
Raw Cacao Butter
Maca Powder, yellow
Gelatinized Maca Powder, yellow
Lucuma Powder
Camu-Camu Powder
Maqui Powder
Acai Powder

COCONUT | organic
Coconut, fine
Coconut, medium
Coconut, chips
Coconut, chips half-toasted
Coconut, flour
Coconut Milk Powder

Virgin Coconut Oil, cold-pressed
Virgin Olive Oil
Almond Oil
Coconut Sugar
Cane Sugar, golden light
Date Syrup
Date Powder
Pure Blue Agave
Agave Inulin, powder
Banana Powder

SPICES | organic
Aloe Vera Powder
Arrowroot Powder
Black Pepper Crushed
Black Pepper Powder
Black Pepper Whole
Cardamom CS
Cardamom Powder
Cardamom Seeds
Cardamom Whole
Celery Seeds
Chili Flakes Hot
Chili Powder Hot
Chili Powder Mild
Chili Whole Extra Hot, Birds Eye
Chili Whole Hot
Cinnamon Powder
Cinnamon TBC
Cinnamon Whole
Cloves CS
Cloves Powder
Cloves TBC
Cloves Whole
Corriander Powder
Corriander Seeds
Cumin Powder
Cumin Seeds
Curry leaves
Fennel Seeds
Fenugreek Powder
Fenugreek Whole
Garlic Powder
Ginger Cut and Swift
Ginger Powder
Ginger Slices
Ginger TBC
Ginger Whole
Green Pepper Whole
Krishna Tulsi
Mace Whole
Nutmeg Powder
Nutmeg Splits
Onion Flakes
Onion Granules
Onion Minced
Onion Powder
Piper Longum
Psyllium Husk
Psyllium Husk Powder
Psyllium Seed
Rama Tulsi
Senna Leaves
Senna Leaves Powder
Senna Pods
Turmeric Powder
Turmeric Powder 3-3.5% curcumin
Turmeric TBC
Vana Tulsi
Vanilla Beans
White Pepper Ground
White Pepper Whole