Cancer is simply a miscommunication

If we consider what a cancer cell is, we realize that it is nothing more than a cell that has lost communication with other cells and, thus, the whole being from which it once lived for.

Cancer cells under a microscope, Telegraph, UK (2009)

Cancer cells under a microscope, Telegraph, UK (2009)

Cancer can be defined as a cell with abnormal growth, resulting in excessive reproduction without a control mechanism. This often results in tumors, or a collection of cancer cells that accumulate and reproduce in a given area of the body. This can cause major problems and many times death. 

If we take a moment to analyze what cancer is, we find that it is simply a miscommunication among cells in a multicellular organism. Cancer may be a reflection of our mental and external worlds. Note the forms of communication we are presented in a modern society. If living in a city, we experience unnatural light, water & air pollution, poor food choices, low oxygen levels, nature deprivation, negativity & anger... These variables all have an effect on our DNA, minds, and physical bodies beginning at the cellular level. Suppose a toxin from corporatized "food" enters our body. These particles will eventually need to be processed at the cellular level. What type of communication will a cell (and its DNA) have with such an aggressive force? The result will be negative. The cell will suffer, perhaps even resulting in cell death or a mutation of DNA. This is where cancer can arise.

External and mental influences can result in DNA mutation and altered cell growth. 

Now consider the influence of various forms of thought. When trapped in a cycle of fear and stress, we affect our cells. These thoughts are a miscommunication with ourselves. Allowing cyclic fear to exist competes with our intrinsic nature of love, union and harmony. This is the reason we find success in cancer treatments through meditation, yoga, juicing, and other practices that release stress through the nourishment of the body and mind. When we reintroduce pure communication, we remove the potential for our cells to experience negative energy. 

We can affect positive change through the forms of communication we have with ourselves, the environment, fellow beings, and forms of sustenance. This is the point in which we have the power to realign against the tide of cancer that is ever rising in our disconnected society.  Here are some ways in which forms of communication can nourish our being whole:

Mind | reconfigure patterns of thought to that of a positive nature and adopt a practice of awareness in the form of meditation, intention, nature, art, love

Body | maintain the physical body through foods and activities that bring balance rather than depletion

Sustenance | replace chemical-laden, nutrient-less foods of the current paradigm, introduce more fresh, organic, local plant foods that alkalize and balance the body along with pure mineral rich spring water; breathe clean air deeply; enjoy the sun

Nature | re-harmonize our relationship with the natural world, finding time for grounding and an experience with the stillness that is

Beings | If we can create harmony in ourselves, we can create harmony with our fellow beings (all species we share this planet with). Coming from a balanced, grounded space of love will cause all modes of communication to be light and clear 

We are meant to thrive. Our natural state is bliss. When our mind, body, and soul are set on love, we achieve this harmonic state. As beings of mostly water, we can use the beautiful example of Dr. Emoto and the power of intention. What intentions are you living by right now?

Through gratitude and sacred living, our lens of life evolves to that of love in action.

Magnified water crystals set to different energies, (2015)

Magnified water crystals set to different energies, (2015)