The Space Between Thoughts

If we take a moment to explore the space between two thoughts, we begin to understand that this is not simply a lack of thinking, but rather a full expression of all that exists.

The Trail of the Ancients, Utah

The Trail of the Ancients, Utah

In each thought we hold, we design a combination of sounds called words, in a language we did not personally create, to express an idea, feeling or demand. If we examine the meaning of each word, there is a variance among the agreed understanding. Multiply this by the words used to formulate a thought, and we see the depth to which language can misrepresent our true feelings. 

How can a space in thinking hold more meaning than actual thought?

In each thought we hold in the mind's eye, we are delineating our expression to that region of thinking. For example, a thought of wind may take us to a field of wildflowers - rain, a mossy forest - Love, a current or past relationship in which we hold dear or as a source of pain. These same three words will hold a completely different meaning or energy to another being. What about a lack of thinking? Can two beings hold exactly the same non-thought? If we truly disconnect from thinking, we tune into more subtle realms of consciousness that hold the energy of our our true selves, or atman in Sanskrit. This atman is thought to represent oneness - just as the first piece of energy that created the universe. If we can agree that all things are one and connected, then a lack of thought is what allows us to experience oneness - even more so than audible language. 

How do you experience a lack of thinking?

In a culture built on greed, advertising, television and social programming, we lose our connection with oneness and, thus, our true being. Some ways in which we can reconnect with our truth are:

  • nature | a simple walk in the woods, on the beach, near a lake or mountain will re-create our primordial experience in which nature is the loudest sound
  • language | taking a break from our inherited language (or all languages) can allow for us to express ourselves in new ways
  • energy | moments of silence and disintegration of thinking will harmonize our being to allow for our true feelings to express - we can then explore which energies truly serve us, the earth and all of existence
  • meditation | a 5-minute per day sitting with the focus on the breath can greatly increase our ability to relax thought patterns and experience other states of being - in time, the duration can be increased for a deeper experience

These additions to our daily lives will tune our being to a higher frequency. We will have a greater understanding of the origin of our thoughts, and the ways in which we express ourselves. We are often taught that we need to "do something" or "see someone" to improve ourselves, but rather it may be that our society needs to do nothing, breathe, and experience the space between our thoughts.