Societal citizens are the keepers of this system. It does not exist without our active participation. When we begin to support local community-based living and commerce, we create harmonious clusters of society to nourish the whole.

Place de la République, Paris 2015.

Place de la République, Paris 2015.

As long as we view the natural world as an object to exploit, we fail to realize the important role nature and community plays on our souls. There is an intrinsic need for the natural experience that a city cannot offer. We are taught to choke on the fumes of overpopulation with no support for the creation of community, equality and freedom of thought. Gone are the elders, the tribes - in are televisions and headsets. We are programmed to tune out this world, to overlook the atrocities of greed, and instead, march on serving corporate machines and war-driven governments. 

The anthropocentric view of life is an illusion created by the human ego. It is a false reality. There is no hierarchy outside of our own design. Each individual has the power to find connection with their community and rise above corporate globalism.

The shift begins with our youth. How can we support future generations? Will all the overworked parents need an app to raise their children for them? Perhaps, the first expressions of sound from the toddlers of the future will not be mama or dada, but iPad! This will only create a society of more unconscious adults, rushing to the next job in hopes for the dangling carrot of ephemeral wealth. Perhaps it is time to measure society in terms of true wealth. Nourished by maternal, paternal, natural, spiritual, and communal wealth. The signs of a healthy society. 

Here are some ways we can re-tune the values of society and adopt a community-based mindset:

nature | leave the city behind - the fluorescent world of cubicles - and take your first deep breath of this decade. Now with trees around and a bright sun above, decide if a city is your truth. 

empower | anything you want is possible. There are no limits in the world of manifestation. Your will determines your future. Why not design one of an agreeable nature?

commune | connecting and sharing with other humans that border our "property" is not a sign of weakness, or an intrusion of privacy. In a society that values each others needs, there is no fear of the other, but rather a sense of community. In times of an extreme weather event, we feel this connection and support from our neighbors. This can extend into a group garden/bulk buying, the raising of children, or any means of support: medical, emotional, or spiritual. 

We can begin today with these simple steps: 

  • Buy organic local foods
  • Share with a fellow human, even a kind word
  • Pick up trash from a park or beach
  • Recycle, reuse or upcycle 
  • Offer knowledge to the community in any way: art, health, gardening, science, spirituality
  • Try to bike or use public transit in place of individualized oil-based travel
  • Be conscious of what you want from life and make that your reality
  • Open your heart to love and remove fear