The Origin of Consciousness

Could it be that the first prokaryotic cell attained enlightenment? Are plants more selfless and grounded beings? Why is it that we run to the idea that humans are the most evolved and superior species - perhaps, because we are ourselves human?

Plant cell division or colliding universes?

Plant cell division or colliding universes?

How did the ancient yogis reach enlightenment without designer yoga mats, meditation apps, and expensive retreats?

Really how did they do it? Were they tapping into some sort of primordial energy that we cannot buy at Lululemon? Perhaps, all this time that we are feeling superiority of consciousness as humans, we are wrong. Bacteria are the original Buddhas. The only change that evolution has brought to the world is complexity. Complexity of lifeforms, thoughts and actions. Yoga and ancient philosophy tells us that the goal is not to complicate thinking, but rather to simplify, in order to bring clarity and focus to the oneness of the eternal light. If this philosophy is agreed upon, it is also possible that a plant cell has a higher level of consciousness than that of a human. Plants are rooted in the earth in direct connection with the ancient information of our planet. Humans wear shoes and walk on the pavement. Plants are true breatharians, obtaining all energy from the earth and sun, using that energy to unintentionally create oxygen and all of human existence. Humans eat fast food and use oil to pollute the planet. Are we not the puppets of these plants? Our attachment to oxygen says so. 

The experience of an Ayahuasca ceremony proves the high level of consciousness that these plants can instill on our being. If a plant can offer this experience when taken in small doses, is it perpetually in a state of bliss? Note that this is not an essay to bash on humans, but rather to present a new perspective that realizes the energy of nature. Divine consciousness surrounds us all of the time. If we remain tuned into that level of experience, we are in what the ancients called samadhi, or enlightenment. What holds us back? What examples can nature give us that will lead to supreme states of being? The sun shines selflessly to illuminate our blue ball of life called Earth. How can we use this same example to illuminate our fellow beings to higher states? Words, money, wars, emotions, fear and pleasure will never serve us. Instead, if we take a path of observation, we see that there is a world of beauty that can be experienced through the consciousness intertwining us all. The same consciousness as a 1,000 year old tree, a lion cub, an organ in a plant cell, a fellow human - no matter the color or preferences, and even our dear old sun. We are all these things in one breath.

We exist as a result of the formation of this universe, galaxy, solar system, sun, water, bacteria,  plants, oxygen and the explosion of existence that is life. Because of this, WE ARE ALL ONE. There is no else. Without words or thoughts, we can all tap into the origin of consciousness experiencing the energetic expansion of being and lightness of our souls!