The Limiting Aspect of Categorical Thinking

We are all well aware of the corporate and governmental control mechanisms in place; yet, why as a species, do humans self-regulate to the point of limiting themselves?

Galaksija Magazine |  1976

Galaksija Magazine | 1976

Perhaps in a shower, you have some sort of bathing routine that always follows the same order that it has for years. Did you ever ask why you do things this way? What causes this habituation of action when we pride ourselves on freedom and liberty? 

The mind is perpetually collecting a universe of data from the sensory realm with the impulse to categorize everything. This categorical system is unique to each individual. You could say this is the framework of our personas: viewing each idea, event, being or thing by our own interpretive design. Through this, there is the potential to a self-limited existence based solely on the mind's precepts rather than a liberated experience.

Yoga, as a philosophy, is designed to reconfigure the mind and create a crystalline state of consciousness free from attachment to words, ideas, and beliefs. This consciousness represents true presence uncolored by thought. Fear, worry, and anxiety do not exist when one is in a state of pure consciousness in the present. The full experience of the now does not allow for manipulation by the mind. There is no room for fear, racism, sexism or hatred. These ideas only enter the mind based on past memories, both our own and that of previous generations. Without memory, we cannot hate.  

The goal of a spiritual life is to be in the present, unattached to any direction karma may lead us, in constant acceptance and love. When we accept and love all experience, the divine flows freely. 

Ideas to realize the present:

Purify | cleanse the body and mind. A diet of organic fruits and vegetables is very helpful in the cleansing of not only the body, but also the mind. Practice positive thinking and embrace your true self.

Meditation | a short daily practice will greatly increase our ability to expand consciousness. There is an expansive world of experience to dive into!

Mind | reconfigure the act of perception to that of a non-discriminatory nature. Leave the association of past experience behind and allow for new interpretive measures of thinking. 

Love | the act of giving without attachment of return is love. This greatly challenges the design of our society. We are taught to give only under the benefit of financial gain or notoriety. Give selflessly and see the world of abundance overflow.

These are all ideas that have worked for centuries. This is not new information. Perhaps, the interpretation is portrayed through different voices, but the general meaning still remains. The experience of full consciousness is only possible without words and thinking. This state is the union with your soul. A soul that is waiting for connection, your eternal self, unchangeable, immortal and beyond space and time.