The Divine Foundation

In the coming year, Divine Foods and selected partners will be launching The Divine Foundation, a collectively-funded organization to provide clean water and organic plant-based foods to those in need. 

We feel everyone deserves access to clean water and organic foods.

We feel everyone deserves access to clean water and organic foods.

In addition to providing water and food to impoverished areas, we view this as an opportunity to set a positive example. An example that organic, non-GMO and plant-based foods can sustainably feed a population growing by the billions. We see these foods as a way to ensure environmental conservation, animal liberty, and access to health for all humans around the globe. On the local level, we look to inspire a shift in consciousness through healthy food without a capitalistic attachment. This is our chance to give back selflessly through the partnerships we have established with Divine Foods. 

The primary mission of The Divine Foundation will be to: 

  • connect organic food suppliers and farmers to selected points in the world with an imbalance of wealth and excessive hunger
  • encourage local farming, water-filtration and nutrition through a team-led education program
  • create an outlet for financially stable individuals to give in a way that is 100% ethical

The initial focus will be to start in our own communities with a vision to establish kitchens and storage facilities around the world in order to serve as many people as possible.  

If you would like to be a volunteer or have ideas to share, please comment below or send mail to

Thank you for your support.