Dear Ego,

In a society that shares every mundane moment, is there room left for the sacred? 



The vibrations of our minds create our experience. We are writing the story of our lives, creating a play set on a planet, circling a star, in a physical body with perception, consciousness and billions of years of evolutionary knowledge. The question is: who are we writing for? Many of us have gone on our own path. Into the mystical woods, the bridge over fire, the escape. A personal myth, created in dreamtime. The perceptive level in which we become one with ourselves and truly free. There is, however, one limitation that may be obstructing this path. We were writing through the ego, not our soul. Each advancement of our character, travel, experience: was this truly our soul’s wish? Or a desire to share another accomplishment of the mundane? At the end, will we each read our social timelines like some technological Ivan Ilyich, yearning for timelessness?

Memory is illusion. The future is dead. The only true experience uncolored by thought is now. This is the point in which our experience is full, awake! It is best said by William Blake: 

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear as it is, Infinite.

This is to say that once we release the binds of memory, ego and expectation, we become free. No longer will the past dull our present, or the future inundate us with fear. We can only live in the full experience of infinitude when we surrender. Letting go of what others may think, what will satisfy the ego’s vision of ourselves, or the ideals society may force upon us to become a gear in a mechanical world. Most of us would choose not to be dependent, yet we silently choose this everyday. We scroll the mundane, fingering through clicks and taps and mindlessness. At the end, what remains? 

Is there room left for the sacred? 

Did each click awaken a new level of presence? Did your breath explode like a summer flower or twist and contract like a mechanical cord plugged into a system of illusion? 

The only guru, coach or teacher is your own soul. 

There is no person, thing, diet or choice that can enlighten you more than your soul. Even meditation is, at a point, limited to the act of meditation. Videos, photos, words will not save us. The self-explored soul alone will prevail. For this is true experience. This is atomic love. The space between each molecule saturated in expansive, pure love. Cellular proliferation encapsulated in the blossoming expression of the feeling. The feeling of soul’s birth. The path is waiting. The sacred play is there to be played. 

Are we still stuck at Dear Ego,?