The Universe as an Energetic Interface

If the universe is a collection of vibrations in the form of energetic waves, wouldn't our existence be defined by the ways in which we participate in this dynamic dance of life?

Observed vibrating atoms of the Pacific, 2014.

Observed vibrating atoms of the Pacific, 2014.

Our universe is comprised of energy in varying forms, shapes, sizes, colors and sounds. Through our body and mind, we have the ability to interpret these vibrations. These interpretations, then, define how we choose to live out this current embodiment.

How can we optimize our connection to the energy that flows through us in the form of sensory information, air, water, and food transforming into thoughts, actions, creations and experiences? In what ways can we maximize our ability to "digest" our world, both mentally and physically, to live in harmony with the vibrations of the universe?

The following is a list of energetic exchanges that I find to be powerful for creating contentment and the awakening of our true nature of love (they are by no means a decree or demand to be, rather a personal learning shared): 

Senses | our sensual experience, or the interpretation of it, defines our reality
- the gates of perception are ours to protect and nourish - what we experience will be digested or undigested by our minds
- if we can stimulate deep thinking and growth towards personal freedom, we can accept our right to happiness within
meditation is a nice way to fully understand the world we are presented on a daily basis

Air | consciously collecting air through our lungs to create prana or qi for our cells to flourish
- breathing clean, unmanufactured air with intention will adjust our mental state
- breath awareness or yogic breathing exercises called pranayama are extremely beneficial to our physical and mental bodies
- chemical-based cleaners and flame-retardant home furnishings have been linked to many health problems and would be better left alone

Water | drinking the most pure, living water possible
- leaving the fluoridated, prescription drug-infused municipal water supply behind can be achieved through certain filters for both the shower and tap 
- for drinking, spring water has a profound effect on the pineal gland and for cellular hydration with its ideal pH, mineral content and life-force - find your local spring here

Food | eating as clean as possible, in the most ethical way possible
- remove harm from the nutrient-collection process through organic local fresh living foods 
- find what works for you and empower yourself through an eating practice based in gratitude
- what we apply to our skin, we also eat

These opportunities for awareness can ensure true health and ultimately a life saturated in love. We can use our energy to provide the soil from which awakened thinking, acting, creating and experiencing can blossom. From here, we enter the space of mind which nourishes our energetic universe and ultimately ourselves, as we are this universe.